10 hot ‘n sweaty travel tips about Vegas!

As online business owners, we now have the good fortune to be able to travel lots, which is a passion of ours. This section is about sharing our experience, hoping it’s helpful for you! I make no claim of being a Vegas or travel expert, just an average Joe sharing my honest opinion, having been there 4 times.

1.It’s scary expensive. If you’re Canadian or from any other country where your dollar is at a disadvantage to the USD, and thinking of going, keep this in mind:  With our dollar in the tank (as of July 2018), it’s like a 30-ish% tax on everything you buy when you travel down there.

Once we were back home and saw our CC statement, we had to laugh…two 28 ounce Margaritas at the Bellagio pool, with tip, converted to our dollar- $100. Oh but they came in souvenir cups! hahahaha, sob, moan. 😱

Bellagio Margerita
Good, but not $50 good. Silly me!

This is NOT a destination that you can enjoy on a tight budget, so be prepared! Sure you can walk and see the hotels, but honestly they mostly are the same crap, different pile – stuffed with gambling machines, etc. Although the Luxor is architecturally amazing.

Vegas Winning Ticket
We had time to kill waiting for a restaurant, so we put $10 in a machine and cashed out with $50!

2. Cruise the strip. Ask the cabbie to take you down the strip, from airport to hotel…otherwise they’ll take you via the tunnel. And ask before you get in the cab, they may not love the idea. After seeing movies like Vegas Vacation, you’ll be disappointed you didn’t see it for the first time this way…just don’t get caught in the sunroof!

3. Clouds, clouds, go away. Second hand smoke is EVERYWHERE. We find that expectation is everything when travelling, and if you aren’t aware of this fact and are sensitive to it like us, it could be a ‘drag’.

4. People watcher’s paradise. Oh yes, you’ll see it all…and that’s not even counting the Fairmont Street. You may want mirrored shades at all times, so people don’t see you stare, lol! You just can’t help it!

Las Vegas
It’s a gulch all right!

5. It’s hotter than Satan’s toaster oven in the summer. If your thighs rub together when you walk, you’re going to want to lube them puppies up, or you’ll get a rash. Especially on the street, all that pavement makes it close to unbearable almost 24 hours/day, at least in June. Goes without saying, but check your weather app before you go. I LOVE heat but 40 plus degrees Celcius is too much, at least being away from an ocean, such as the case at Vegas obviously.

Las Vegas
I didn’t think it could be this hot in North America at night!!

Ironically, you may want to bring warmer clothes if you get cold easy, because of the necessary, blaring AC everywhere! The pool water at the Bellagio must be somehow cooled, because it stays perfect at those temps. On the other hand, don’t assume it’s always warm there…I’ve been there in April and it stayed plus 1 or 2 the whole damn week!

6. It’s not an introvert’s kind of travel destination. I know, shocking, right? I’m in no way criticizing Vegas for this, that’s it’s “thing”…but it’s loud and busy pretty much everywhere except (sometimes) the hotel room. We lucked out and got the 21st floor, it was surprisingly quiet, other than our next door neighbours coming back drunk and in a raging fight at 1 am the one night, me thinks due to gambling by the sound of it (another shocker!)

Las Vegas
The Bellagio Lobby area.

The constant sound of the machines binging away is enough to make an introvert start eating wallpaper after awhile. We spent a lot of time in the room, which was actually great – living the laptop lifestyle, we brought them and did some “work” during the hottest parts of the day. The power curtains are a suprising, funky touch!

7. Gambler’s paradise, but more than just that. Vegas truly offers world-class shows. Cirque de Soleil is a no brainer, they are pure class (buy tickets online before you leave, ideally – they DO sell out) and Penn & Teller was good too. The biggest stars come here regularly, even have contract gigs here for years at a time. This time we just hung at the fabulous pool area pretty much all day, we never had trouble finding chairs, even in the shade if you go out and save chairs before 10 am.

Speaking of that, here’s a juicy lil’ tip – don’t just leave the hotel towels…leave a shirt, hat, bring personal towels, anything else personal. No, not your iphone 10, unless you have nothing else on you. Haha. We love our Canadian flag towels which we always bring when we travel, they make your chairs easy to find too!

We saw in a couple occasions the staff remove hotel towels on saved chairs for guests who needed them, after hours had gone by and the people were no-shows. And rightly so. Saving chairs for 4 hours is a dick move, bro.

Las Vegas
Gorgeous pool area of the Bellagio!

8. The food is pricey, but WOW. One caveat to that: we were underwhelmed by the often-talked-up buffets. We hit The Buffet in the Bellagio this time, but the $100 bill for a couple light weight Vegans just wasn’t worth it for us. The Cafe, however, was fantastic, and reasonably quiet. Guy Fieri’s (does anyone else think that furry little dude resembles the gopher from Caddyshack??) was overpriced, poorly serviced, and the food was… ‘meh’.

9. The Fountains of Bellagio.  An astoundingly expensive feat to build and operate.  It’s a rare, free exception to the costly-ness of Vegas, and a highlight.

Las Vegas, Bellagio Fountains
8 acre lake, 1200 nozzles, 4,500 lights, cost $40 million to build!

10. You can drink on the street! That alone almost makes it worth going. Speaking of the street, getting around during the busy times is a pain in the ass no matter how you do it – walking, driving, or bus. The “Deuce” public transit bus is cheap, at least, but on a former trip there we used it to go see all the major stuff, and it felt like you spent half your vacation riding a bus. It’s slow, traffic is crazy heavy at times.

Final analysis: I think the Bellagio is a fabulous hotel…the shining star of this trip. We were fortunate to get a room there considering how busy Vegas was. Now that Christy has experienced it, we won’t be back,  for the simple reason that we know our style and want more introvert-friendly, low key trips…so if you’re like us, you may be wise to pick a hotel you’ll be happy hanging around at most of the time – to escape the crazyness.

It’s so important to know what you like when you travel. Of course, the only way to know that is to travel, so don’t just take our word on it! We are still learning too! I do believe everyone should see Vegas once, a diamond in the desert.

Fortune favours the bold,

Jeff Rallison