Canadian Passports for kids – what you need to know in 2018!

Getting passports can be a mammoth pain in the ass, particularly when they’re for kids, so in this post I want to help others avoid the frustration and delays we went through recently… dealing with the Medusa-like, soul-less monstrosity that is Service Canada 🧟‍♂️

We actually received incorrect advice from more than one employee, adding to the delay and aggravation! We finally received the passports after two months, due to this.

As a blended Canadian family, we needed to renew our kid’s passports (which is basically the same as starting from scratch, unlike when adults renew theirs).

Quick background: My wife got divorced from her kid’s dad in 2015. She is a legal guardian of them, with joint custody. In this situation, my wife was dealing with passports for two kids, aged 13 and 15 (stepchildren to me, therefore I’m not involved).

So, anywho, this scenario is dealing with my wife’s two children. If this is like your scenario, here’s a rundown of the documentation needed. When they say they need all documents, they mean ALL DOCUMENTS! Cover your butt six ways from sunday, amigos. It’ll pay off.

IMPORTANT NOTE – You do NOT need to send the originals, but they will want proof it’s a “true copy”, and the best way to do that is to get the passport office to make copies of these documents for you, and they will stamp it to prove it’s authenticity.

You will need:


This is a document you’ll get when you are officially divorced, basically a summarized agreement of the entire parenting agreement and divorce judgement as well. Several employees couldn’t spell or say that word, we’d never heard of it even though my wife and I had both gone through divorces!


By that I mean all court documents related to the children and divorce. That means copies of the divorce certificate, copies of birth certificates, on top of all the things listed on the application such as a picture, et cetera.


Well, there you have it, I hope it helps you. As always, I appreciate feedback.

Here’s a link to the gov’t passport website

As a side note, previously I went through the joyously hellish experience of getting a passport for my own daughter…that’s when I found out the hard way that as a father who is “just a guardian” without joint custody, you have basically the same rights as a distant uncle…in other words, zip. But that’s another post, and a prime reason to get a good lawyer!

Happy travels,