Our Day As An Online Biz Owner

A day in the life of an online business owner

Here’s an honest run-down of our typical day as online business owners.

7 AM – Get up to let the kids out. By kids I mean chihuahuas. Go back to bed for just a few minutes…

8:12 AM – Get out of bed. Drink coffee on the deck, chat with my wife, and check social media/email. Hey, work is work🤪

Online Business Day
Ahhhh…bean juice and sunshine for this online biz owner!

9:30 AM – Breakfast, then write out a must-do list for the day (thanks, Sarah Knight, author of Get Your Sh*t Together!)

10 AM – go for a walk, or bike ride to the mailbox. Bingo, more good news waiting for us!

10:30 AM – make some posts and message folks in social media.

11:30 AM – Stretching, reading, then iron my Hawaiian shirts. Truth is…I am Iron Man.

Online Business Iron Man
Iron, man!

12:46 PM– Head to A&W for a Beyond Meat burger, root beer, and onion rings…mmmm-mm. Put cheques in bank. That never gets old.

1:30 PM – casually decide to drive on into the city for groceries, shopping, and catch the Avengers movie at a theatre. We often do spur-of-the-moment things like this, for as long as we want, because we can, when you’re not ruled by a boss and workplace hours! Or we may just take a blissful little nap in our hammocks🤤

7 PM – drinks and supper on a patio by the lake, soak up some summertime.

Online Business Perks
Salud (cheers, in Spanish) Amigos!

8:30 PM – back home, catch up on some messaging, chats with people.

9:00 PM – watch a motivational/tech-themed Youtube video or two, then play a bit of Grand Theft Auto. Get mercilessly ass-whupped by people much better than me. I take that as a good sign – if I’m too good at video games, that means I’m majoring in minor things, and that’s not good.

Playing games is a mental escape and a pattern interrupt for me, for others it might be licking windows or getting tattoos on their privates…hey whatever works right?

10 PM – shower, etc, make coffee for the morning, lie in bed and chat with my wife for another hour and a half after saying good night!

There ya have it. Our life as business owners is VERY different now from when we worked at jobs…honestly, better in every possible way.

I hope this paints an accurate pic of what life can be like…some days we spend more time with the biz than others, but it averages 3 hours I’d say. And WE decide when and how long to take time off.

We’re enjoying a lot more travelling, and this business flows perfectly with travel. Unlike a job, It doesn’t hold you back from doing what you want, going where you want to go.

The freedom we now have is absolutely priceless.

Having freedom and the means to take full advantage of it leads to this:


One of our biggest goals, (once the kids are grown up) buh-bye sub-arctic-zoned Central Alberta, hello Mexico/Van Island/Bali/Everywhere! What are your biggest goals? If you can’t immediately answer that, best get yourself a vision board pronto…aim high…and fill it with specifics! Works for us.

Life doesn’t have to be:

😤 Fighting traffic,

🤬 Working with people you’d just as soon see fall into a blazing volcano,

😒 Possibly doing work you have no passion for,

😩 To have your life locked down and revolve around work hours and deadlines,

😭 Spending most of your time away from family/dog/cat/iguana/Outlander episodes,

😡 Only to have someone decide to pay you far less than you’re worth!

Online Business Is The Escape Plan
Voluntary Imprisonment

If having freedom and the income to live life how you want to live it sounds like a goal worth going for, you can find out the details with our live, free webinars, held Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm MST, by entering your first name and email here.

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Fortune favours the bold,

Jeff Rallison

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