7 swell online business benefits, and our story


Hi! Welcome to our refreshingly pop-up free blog!

I’m Christy, my husband Jeff and I are successful online business mentors. We both work from home, or from wherever we may roam. We don’t have jobs and never will again…our goal is to create this freedom and prosperity for as many people as we can. This is our story. 

November, 2017

We were stuck. We grew up believing that we’re supposed to work hard…no one mentioned to work smart instead. Granted, we probably wouldn’t have listened anyway – cultural conditioning that having a job is the way to go is a powerful brainwash.

My husband’s job and our little farm wasn’t providing the money we needed for our growing 3-kid family, and also he had grown to hate that work…and seeing him forcing himself to go off to do that made me feel so sad…that feeling of hopelessness hurts.

We had been asking the universe for something better, for years. And believe me, over the years I tried almost every MLM/network marketing scheme out there.

Too much red, not enough green

I started with Amway, (later sneakily changed their name to Quixstar). I remember feeling so excited! Thinking and hoping that my future was going to be so bright! Well, as the months went by and the money flew away, the debt grew because of that scam…death by a thousand cuts to my hopes and dreams.

But I’m persistent, so I moved on to Mary Kay, same bullshit. Then it was Trivita, Relive, Regal, Avon, blah blah blah. They all had one thing in common: I was making someone else wealthy. Pyramid schemes. Just like another scam we’ve all had experience with: a JOB. I’d spent years working in accounting and then insurance, until office drama reared it’s fugly head…I came to work one day and was fired.  I found out job security doesn’t exist.

It was getting more and more disheartening. Scraping by on $2K/month (on a GOOD month) isn’t exactly living it up. Our dreams seemed unachievable even though we tried to be positive. Debt was an ever-increasing burden, like a backpack that kept getting bricks added to it – and even worse, it was us adding the bricks.

We foolishly hoped if we just stayed strictly to our tight little monthly budget, things would get better, even though month after month, year after year, it wasn’t. Life had become sadly…predictable. This is what “following the followers” had gotten us.

At the same time we had been viciously bitten by the travel bug, and wanted so desperately to do more of that, it’s when we felt most alive. But how were we going to do that when we could barely pay the damned bills?

Robert, our hero

We’d recently read Robert Kiyosaki’s belief-altering book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and thanks to it we knew the answer was owning our own business. We brainstormed about brick-and-mortar businesses, but the thought of the massive financial outlay, the risk, the absurd amount of time needed, dealing with employees, and all the other stuff gave us convulsions.

I kept seeing all these online opportunities on social media, but which one do you try? Are they all horseshit, too-good-to-be-true schemes like what I’d done in the past? Did they all involve the dreaded cold contacting, hounding friends and family?? Been there, done that, have nightmares about it! 😱

A better life came with taking action

There was this one ad…it kept on showing up in my news feed…the people in the pic just looked so genuine. I believe there are no coincidences…everything happens for a reason and it serves you. So even though I had emotional and financial third degree burns from my past experiences, I felt that scary/excited feeling and a nudge from my gut instinct to click…so I did.

That was mid November, and by December we were up and running with our first very own online business. It was a steep learning curve at first, because we’d never done anything like this before. But we had excellent training and mentors, and now we are mentors and ARE LOVING IT! Who’d have thought, considering we’re a couple of introverts! And of course the money is absolutely incredible. 🤑

7 swell benefits of our online biz (what’s in it for you):

1. A legitimate business that provides for you and your family. Working from home! No more fighting against time, traffic, bosses, co-workers.

2. No selling. No hounding friends and family. The reason that crappy business model doesn’t work is that the “warm market” becomes quickly exhausted – it’s a kiddie pool. This is the all the oceans, combined. Worldwide. 7 billion-plus people.

Concerned about market saturation? To quote the consummate Biz Development guru Gary Vaynerchuk: “Quality is a tremendous filter…cream always rises to the top”. We were trained by some of the best, we’ll pass that along to you.

3. Multiple income streams. 4 presently, with more likely coming in time. By the way, the average millionaire is said to have 7 income streams…Warren Buffett is an advocate of multiple streams and he’s doing ok 😀

4. If you love love loooove travel like we do, or just despise winter, this could be the best part: you can run your business from literally anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the internet and a laptop.

That means spending winters (or more) in Bali are now within your reach. Let that one simmer in your mind. Since we started this we’ve traveled more in 6 months than in the past 6 years. Vancouver Island, Vegas, road trips!

Online business benefits...work from home or anywhere!
Hatley Castle, Victoria B.C. Where X-Men was filmed 🙂 Never saw Wolverine though. April 2018
Online Business Benefits...work from home or Vegas!
The incredible Bellagio hotel. The 21st floor room had awesome views! Vegas, June 2018

5. Virtually anyone can do this, and we prove it. My husband, who for over 30 years has been swinging hammers, pulling wrenches, and collecting impressive scars from stringing out barbed wire, is now an online biz co-mentor, and he’s damned proud of it too! And he’s (in his words) “one brain cell above a talkin’ monkey”. He jokingly underrates himself, he says that to prove anyone can do it.

Good thing, because jobs are getting replaced by technology at an alarming rate. That’s not just science fiction anymore. Spending some time watching Cold Fusion’s videos on Youtube will confirm that. Have you seen what Boston Dynamics’ robots are capable of?! 

6. Speaking of technology, this 90% automated business works even when you don’t, that’s why the numbers are so impressive. It truly offers a solution to most people’s greatest problems: more time AND more money, and ultimately, financial and geographical freedom.

7. Low time commitment. We spent on average an hour/day, as the business grew and we were able to say “Hasta la Vista!” to that job, we average about 2-3 hours a day…but the key point is, you will get out of this what you put into it.

Please don’t expect to start with some pocket change and then think this will make you rich with no effort. You can expect that the return on investment will be better than anything else you’ll find.

We love what we do, and have mammoth-sized goals, so we put the effort in. It’s not get-rich-quick, and if you’re the kind of person who will succeed at this, I bet you’ll be relieved to hear that.

Find out for yourself

Want to know more? Just click this link: www.jcrallison.com/jc  It’s our web page. There you can enter your first name and email, which will register you for our free, live online webinar, held on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm MST.

You can also have the option to watch the replay, although catching it live allows you to ask questions in-the-moment. It’s 90 minutes long and explains what we do.

We’re real, typical Canadians. Email us and see, tell us your story, ask questions.

If you’d like, take a gander at our constantly-updating and detailed Facebook page. Heck, If you’re local, maybe we’ll meet you at Timmies and we’ll have a coffee and chat.

Thanks for checking this out, and stay tuned! There’s much more to come.


Christy & Jeff Rallison

Canadian Passports for kids – what you need to know in 2018!

Getting passports can be a mammoth pain in the ass, particularly when they’re for kids, so in this post I want to help others avoid the frustration and delays we went through recently… dealing with the Medusa-like, soul-less monstrosity that is Service Canada 🧟‍♂️

We actually received incorrect advice from more than one employee, adding to the delay and aggravation! We finally received the passports after two months, due to this.

As a blended Canadian family, we needed to renew our kid’s passports (which is basically the same as starting from scratch, unlike when adults renew theirs).

Quick background: My wife got divorced from her kid’s dad in 2015. She is a legal guardian of them, with joint custody. In this situation, my wife was dealing with passports for two kids, aged 13 and 15 (stepchildren to me, therefore I’m not involved).

So, anywho, this scenario is dealing with my wife’s two children. If this is like your scenario, here’s a rundown of the documentation needed. When they say they need all documents, they mean ALL DOCUMENTS! Cover your butt six ways from sunday, amigos. It’ll pay off.

IMPORTANT NOTE – You do NOT need to send the originals, but they will want proof it’s a “true copy”, and the best way to do that is to get the passport office to make copies of these documents for you, and they will stamp it to prove it’s authenticity.

You will need:


This is a document you’ll get when you are officially divorced, basically a summarized agreement of the entire parenting agreement and divorce judgement as well. Several employees couldn’t spell or say that word, we’d never heard of it even though my wife and I had both gone through divorces!


By that I mean all court documents related to the children and divorce. That means copies of the divorce certificate, copies of birth certificates, on top of all the things listed on the application such as a picture, et cetera.


Well, there you have it, I hope it helps you. As always, I appreciate feedback.

Here’s a link to the gov’t passport website

As a side note, previously I went through the joyously hellish experience of getting a passport for my own daughter…that’s when I found out the hard way that as a father who is “just a guardian” without joint custody, you have basically the same rights as a distant uncle…in other words, zip. But that’s another post, and a prime reason to get a good lawyer!

Happy travels,



Road trip to Idaho/Montana..theme park, ghost towns, silver mines, a bordello!

Idaho and Montana…Beautiful country

In this post, I hope to provide insight into what our family feels is a great experience for history-appreciating folks looking to do a U.S. road trip, specifically from a western Canadian’s point of view – complete with total, CAD prices. Let’s fire it up and roll out!

 Silverwood Theme park

The ultimate theme park!

Idaho offers lots of cool stuff to do, and a highlight for us was Silverwood Theme park. It’s in Athol, northern Idaho, about half way between Sandpoint and Couer d’ Alene, 7-ish hours of straight driving from Calgary.

As the biggest theme park in the Northwest, it’s a 2 headed monster…one side called Silverwood, full of scary-fast roller coasters, kiddie rides, and everything in between.

The other side is a mammoth water park called Boulder Beach, with two wave pools, a lazy river (with float-up bar😜), tube rides that hold up to 7 people, and other super fun rides. You get access to both and can come and go as you please, nice touch, and both sides offer activities for all ages.

In my opinion, if it’s one thing Americans do better than anyone, it’s theme parks, and Silverwood is no exception. This part of Idaho boasts fantastic, 30 plus degree Celcius weather and sun pretty much all summer. Perfect for a water park.

They serve Margaritas by the pool if you prefer to sit and hang out listening to the Beach Boys on their 50’s-60’s rock n’ roll playlist. They create this amazing, good-vibration atmosphere that makes you feel you’re in Eisenhower’s America, instead of Trumps’.

road trip
One of two wave pools.

Having been there 4 times, We have found you need 2 days for Silverwood/Boulder Beach to do it up right, and they make it a better deal to get 2 day passes online. Like any theme park, there is line ups at Silverwood, but compared to Disney, they are minor!

You’re allowed to bring your own food too, although they have fast food there as well, like quesadillas, burgers, chicken, fries, ice cream, drinks, et cetera. They have food stands in the water park, and the ride side has sit down restaurants as well.

The food prices are actually pretty reasonable, which is nice considering our Canuck dollar’s pathetic state right now. I recommend getting there right when they open to get loungers…but if you do get there later, no big deal, there’s lots of space to sit on the grass. There is lockers there that take coins, bills, or plastic.

Total cost for 2 day passes online, for a family of 4 (Two adults, two teens 13 and 15 yrs old) came to $455 CAD (@ $1.35 exchange rate). Parking is $5 USD/car. www.silverwood.com

Ride the Hiawatha Trail

One of the many trestles, whatta view!

This was an extremely fun bike ride! It’s located just off the I-90, at the Idaho/Montana border. The trail is an abandoned rail bed built in the early 20th century, 17 miles of slightly-downhill (2% grade) bike path that goes down the mountain.

You’ll pass through nine tunnels, the longest being 1.7 miles long! It takes you over trestles, with beautiful scenery as you gradually wind down the mountain. It’s an easy ride, albeit bumpy at times due to gravel .

Your butt will be sore by the end of it, although they offer “comfort ride” bikes for an extra charge. Not sure if they help, I never tried that. You can rent bicycles (complete with headlights for the pitch black tunnels), and helmets. Or bring your own stuff.

They provide either a 5-place hitch mounted bike rack ( with adapter if needed for the smaller hitch tube) or a roof mounted rack for cars, for transporting them the 5 miles from the Lookout Pass ski lodge where you pay and get the bikes/equipment, to Roland Trailhead, where the trail actually starts.

You’ll start at the top, or you can skip the 1.7 mile long Taft Tunnel, but I wouldn’t, it’s a highlight) and when you get to the bottom a shuttle will take you back up to where your car is. Or you can park at the bottom, bike up and down it if you are a competent biker!

road trip
The tunnels can be pitch black, cold and damp.

I recommend bringing a backpack with water, food, et cetera.  Total cost for 2 adults, 2 teens, basic bikes, helmets, shuttle and the passes cost us $288 CAD (@ $1.35 exchange rate). Get there first thing if possible, because they can run out of rental stuff, also it gets busier and hotter as the days goes on.

It took us about 5 hours in total with shuttle, et cetera, stopping lots for pics, food, water, all that jazz. It runs from May 26 to September 23 (2018 dates).

Wallace, Idaho – A sweet little town, with a risky history

road trip
Must stop here! Awesome history

After leaving The Hiawatha Trail, we were cruising down I-90 and noticed a fascinating-looking little town nestled between the mountains called Wallace…something drew us to it so we Googled it, and pulled in. What an amazing old town! Population 784.

Known as the Silver capital of the world, brought about by silver mining in the 1880’s. It’s one of many towns that were wiped out repeatedly by fire, which is why so many building are brick.

This is a charming, friendly town! I walked the streets in the evening, taking in the atmosphere and architecture of the homes, and no less than three locals struck up a conversation with me, while they sat on their front porches. Great people. One guy invited me in to check out the original woodwork on his old house, you just don’t see that trust often anymore, it’s nice.

This town has a micro brewery  (try the Huckleberry Shandy), some fantastic restaurants (we loved the 1313 Club Historic Saloon & Grill ), and interesting shops.

Wallace has a couple hotel/motels, we stayed at the Brooks Inn, it was a decent stay, although no wifi and the inside has been unfortunately modernized…nothing to write home about but a place to sleep. Next time I’d look in to AirBnB/VRBO, or the Stardust Motel.

Here’s two highlights of Wallace:

 Sierra Silver Mine Tour

road trip
One of the extremely loud tools used in the mine. They demonstrate! Can you see the ghosts in this pic (blue dots)?

This 130 year old Silver mine is a great tour. I highly recommend it. The people who operate these tours are some of the nicest folks you’ll meet, and they do it because they love their town and the people in it.

The fellow who did our tour was a miner most of his life, and man, did he have stories to tell that will send shivers up your spine.

Bring warm clothes if you get cold easily, it’s a brisk 10 degrees Celcius or so in the mine. It cost us $65 CAD for 2 adults and two kids under 16. Open 7 days a week from May 1st to October 15th. It’s about 1 hour and 15 minutes long. www.silverminetour.org

 Oasis Bordello Museum

road trip
Bigger inside than it looks!

This was a brothel with one hell of a story to tell. It ran from the early days until 1988, when one day word came the Feds were coming to town, so the girls left in a hurry. The entire upstairs (where the “work” was done) is exactly as it was on that day in 1988, stuck in time…including groceries left on the counter!

Talk about a throwback…you can easily picture what it was like, with men lined up all the way down the stairs and outside the door on a typical evening. Keep in mind, prostitution was illegal in Idaho!

The Madam was a smart cookie though, she donated generously to the town’s schools and other folks, who kept their mouth shut…including the sheriff.

The local miners’ patronage kept it running as a very profitable business all those years. You won’t believe how much the girls worked and how much money that place made!

road trip
Playing for the ladies at the Oasis’s downstairs bar.

The downstairs was a bar. You can well imagine it was a rockin’ place back in the day! Now a museum, they do tours every half hour, from 10-5 daily. For us it cost $26 CAD for family of 4, or $5USD/person. Website: zjdarrah.wixsite.com 

Wallace’s website: www.wallace-id.com

Amazingly well preserved ghost town…Garnet

road trip
Lots of buildings, some original, some recreated.

Known as Montana’s best preserved ghost town! It’s located northeast of Missoula, MT. There is about 11 miles of gravel road to get there, but well worth the trip. It’s named after the ruby colored stone found in the area. Home to over 1,000 people in 1898, due to the gold rush, with miners moving north from tapped-out California and Colorado mines.

road trip
Well preserved!

Thanks to the wonderful folks who are the non-profit Garnet Preservation Association, the town is being lovingly kept up, as best as they can – buildings in a mining town generally weren’t built to last. Some are recent recreations, they add to the experience. The highlight for us was the Hotel, incredibly well preserved and still has some furnishings, it’s like hauntingly stepping back in time walking through it.

Entrance fee is only $3 USD/person if you’re 16 or older, open year round 9:30-4:30. www.garnetghosttown.org

Philipsburg, Montana – Historical gem of a town

road trip
A beautiful, oozing-with-history town.

The wonderful Garnet tour guide suggested we head south from Garnet and visit Philipsburg. Located a few minutes off of I-5, southeast of Missoula. Population is estimated at 920.

Ever been to a place that has a positive feel to it, a good vibe, almost a familiarity to it? That is how this place felt. This historically rich town came to be because of the sapphires found nearby in the 1870’s. It’s chock full of cool old buildings, overflowing with history and that lovely old-building-smell. We enjoyed just walking around in the evening, looking at the old houses and stores.

We liked it so much we decided to stay there at the incredibly resurrected Kaiser house, the nice folks who own it did a great job of keeping the old look and feel while having modern amenities. There’s a deck off the street side of the room where you can sit and gaze at the quiet town.

road trip
The beautiful, restored Kaiser house. Fun stay!

Phillipsberg also boasts a candy store called The Sweet Palace that has to be seen to be believed…we’re talking over 1,000 kinds of candy and chocolate…we walked out of there with a ridiculous amount!

Like Wallace, the town is big enough that there’s restaurants, a microbrewery, hotels, VRBO’s, everything you need.


To sum up…

There’s much more to do in this part of the U.S., I hope this entices you to go out and experience them. We have found the people to be so kind, friendly, helpful, and patriotic…it’s interesting as a Canadian to see how many American flags are flying.

road trip
Beautiful old 3 story architecture, American style.

It’s a crazy sight as a Canuck to see quads, dirt bikes, and side-by-sides ripping down the streets in Montana. The weather is pretty consistent and warm in the summer (unlike central Alberta!) and the Interstates are fast and smooth for the most part.

Being able to legally cruise at 130 KMH in some parts of  Montana is pretty sweet! Some of the highways are pretty twisty and make for a fun experience, with great scenery.

We found fuel to average .90 cents/litre, still cheaper than up here even factoring in the low dollar ($1.30 CAD for a U.S. buck as of summer 2018).

One other thing we’ve found, is to try and book AirBNB as much as possible, staying this way has always been a great experience and really adds to the trip. Every single home we stayed at was fantastic, unlike some of the hotels, many of which were overpriced and boring.

Did I miss anything? Message me! Thanks for checking this out. Happy trails!

Fortune favours the bold,

Jeff Rallison





3 steps for newbies to start self-directed investing

In my first investing post, I shared my story. With this post, I hope to sort out how to get yourself set up self-directed investing. From the many hours of research I did about which brokerage to use, I decided Questrade is the best fit for me, so that’s what I’ll use as an example. I get no kickback from them, I just like them 🙂

  1. Open an online brokerage account.

You need a broker, a.k.a. “discount online brokerage” because they act as the middleman who makes the trades happen for you, creates the beautifully easy to use website you’ll use, and takes care of a thousand other details of the investment world. An $4.95 minimum to $9.95 maximum fee for every trade you make is a very fair deal compared to what fund managers take!

The type of account I use and recommend as a Canadian is a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) because it’s tax-sheltered up to it’s limit of $57,500, as of 2018     (if you have never put money in to it, that is the total).

Via Wikipedia (clickable link to it) “The TFSA is an account in which Canadian residents 18 years and older can save or invest. Income earned on contributions is not taxed. The TFSA account-holder may withdraw money from the account at any time, free of taxes.”

Cool huh? This is significant because it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep.

Tax Man Taketh from Thy Unprepared souls!


Also, that limit gets raised by $5,500 per year. Stephen Harper had it at $10K/year but the Liberals thought that’s just too damn generous, so they lowered it to $5,500. Can’t have us commonfolk getting wealthy! Well, we’ll show them, won’t we 😈 It’s a rare and wonderful thing that our gov’t surprisingly allows. Why not take full advantage of it?

Questrade has a great system for setting up your account, where you can do it one step at a time, leave it and come back when you’re ready for the next step. They have excellent customer service, so if you get confused they’ll help you, via phone or email. That’s right, a really real human on the phone!

The other really sweet thing about them is, the forms have almost completely gone digital…you sign it digitally on your computer via SignNow.  The whole thing takes minutes instead of a month! No printing off, signing, scanning, uploading, sending crap. Or worse yet…

Gone are the days of (turtle-speed) mail paperwork to send and wait for, only to find out you made a mistake and it gets sent back to do all…over…again. As was the case when I started with Qtrade. They may have gone digital as well by now, I’m not sure. It was a loooong, painful process back then.

They will need a copy of photo ID but you can actually take a pic of your driver’s license, et cetera and send it electronically as a .jpg or .png file. Fast and easy!

2.  Add funds

That’s super easy too, you can just add Questrade as a Payee in your online banking, then add money to your TSFA account the same way you’d pay a bill. You currently need $1000 CDN to start.

One thing to keep in mind, it typically takes 1-2 business days for money transferred from your bank to show up in your account. Which seems archaic in 2018…but cryptocurrency will solve that when it finally overtakes our current fiat money system. It can be transferred worldwide in seconds, not days. How awesome will that be?

3. Start trading!

This is where things get exciting! There’s hundreds of books, thousands of people who offer advice, and of course you can always do your own research or just wing it. (which I definitely don’t recommend!!)

Questrade offers a free practice account that you can sign up for that is fictitious but works the same, follows the markets, and gives you pretend money to play with.  It’s great for learning how it all works, and it’s fun! Investopedia does as well.

If you want truly expert guidance on what/when to buy, at what price, email me and I’ll send you info on the company I use and have had superb results with. As in, doubled, tripled, quadrupled my investment.

Self Directed Investing
Money in, more money out.

Of course no one, not even Warren Buffett, wins on every single trade, but with the right guidance, as a self-directed investor you can do VERY well for yourself and ultimately become financially free…so pack your money a lunch, pick it up a cheap suit, get a bus pass…’cause you’re going to send your money off to work for you.

I’m happy to help if you have questions, I know first hand how confusing it can be to start when you’ve had no guidance. I’ve been there!

Fortune favours the bold,

Jeff Rallison

P.S. Disclaimer: The stocks showing on my phone in the featured image are just random, and are NOT a recommendation! Jeesh!😜

A day in the life of an online business owner

Here’s an honest run-down of our typical day as online business owners.

7 AM – Get up to let the kids out. By kids I mean chihuahuas. Go back to bed for just a few minutes…

8:12 AM – Get out of bed. Drink coffee on the deck, chat with my wife, and check social media/email. Hey, work is work🤪

Online Business Day
Ahhhh…bean juice and sunshine for this online biz owner!

9:30 AM – Breakfast, then write out a must-do list for the day (thanks, Sarah Knight, author of Get Your Sh*t Together!)

10 AM – go for a walk, or bike ride to the mailbox. Bingo, more good news waiting for us!

10:30 AM – make some posts and message folks in social media.

11:30 AM – Stretching, reading, then iron my Hawaiian shirts. Truth is…I am Iron Man.

Online Business Iron Man
Iron, man!

12:46 PM– Head to A&W for a Beyond Meat burger, root beer, and onion rings…mmmm-mm. Put cheques in bank. That never gets old.

1:30 PM – casually decide to drive on into the city for groceries, shopping, and catch the Avengers movie at a theatre. We often do spur-of-the-moment things like this, for as long as we want, because we can, when you’re not ruled by a boss and workplace hours! Or we may just take a blissful little nap in our hammocks🤤

7 PM – drinks and supper on a patio by the lake, soak up some summertime.

Online Business Perks
Salud (cheers, in Spanish) Amigos!

8:30 PM – back home, catch up on some messaging, chats with people.

9:00 PM – watch a motivational/tech-themed Youtube video or two, then play a bit of Grand Theft Auto. Get mercilessly ass-whupped by people much better than me. I take that as a good sign – if I’m too good at video games, that means I’m majoring in minor things, and that’s not good.

Playing games is a mental escape and a pattern interrupt for me, for others it might be licking windows or getting tattoos on their privates…hey whatever works right?

10 PM – shower, etc, make coffee for the morning, lie in bed and chat with my wife for another hour and a half after saying good night!

There ya have it. Our life as business owners is VERY different now from when we worked at jobs…honestly, better in every possible way.

I hope this paints an accurate pic of what life can be like…some days we spend more time with the biz than others, but it averages 3 hours I’d say. And WE decide when and how long to take time off.

We’re enjoying a lot more travelling, and this business flows perfectly with travel. Unlike a job, It doesn’t hold you back from doing what you want, going where you want to go.

The freedom we now have is absolutely priceless.

Having freedom and the means to take full advantage of it leads to this:


One of our biggest goals, (once the kids are grown up) buh-bye sub-arctic-zoned Central Alberta, hello Mexico/Van Island/Bali/Everywhere! What are your biggest goals? If you can’t immediately answer that, best get yourself a vision board pronto…aim high…and fill it with specifics! Works for us.

Life doesn’t have to be:

😤 Fighting traffic,

🤬 Working with people you’d just as soon see fall into a blazing volcano,

😒 Possibly doing work you have no passion for,

😩 To have your life locked down and revolve around work hours and deadlines,

😭 Spending most of your time away from family/dog/cat/iguana/Outlander episodes,

😡 Only to have someone decide to pay you far less than you’re worth!

Online Business Is The Escape Plan
Voluntary Imprisonment

If having freedom and the income to live life how you want to live it sounds like a goal worth going for, you can find out the details with our live, free webinars, held Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm MST, by entering your first name and email here.

Thanks for reading! As always I welcome and appreciate emails, sharing, likes. If you scroll down you’ll see “Leave a reply”.

Fortune favours the bold,

Jeff Rallison

9 sweet reasons why online business beats a job

Hola! Jeff here. I’ve made this based on comparing (a profitable) online business to having a j.o.b. Ok let’s do the dang thing!

1. 💰 The money can be life-altering.

Let’s face it: nobody is getting wealthy with a job. Jeff B. didn’t become the world’s richest hombre @ $108.9 Billion by inhaling the gag-inducing scent of Ichiban noodle-and-cheese-laden breath from a boss looking over his shoulder.

When we kicked the job to the curb and started online, things got MUCH better. No joke. If I was joking, I’d say, “The police asked me where I was between 4 and 6…I said, kindergarten, dumbass.”

2. 💻”Working” from home changes everything.

I have working in quotations because, as a former labourer, this isn’t work, it’s play. Work is stringing barbed wire, swinging a hammer (thankfully I never hit anyone), pouring cement, and filling out government forms.

Besides the obvious of not having to spend all day at a place of work, there’s no commute. No warming up the car daily. No spending more time with co-workers than your family. Even meal time rules are slacked off – instead of eating lunch at 12, we chow down when we’re hungry. Wiiiiild, right?

3. It gets better: you play your online business from virtually anywhere with internet.

That means, depending on your current lifestyle and commitments with children, et cetera, you could vacation in perpetuity. Which, would no then longer be a vacation, just life as it should be lived. I hear Panama is nice…YEAR ROUND. As soon as we’re empty-nesters, we’re having an epic snow-shovel smashing party 😈

Also, yes some places on Earth don’t have internet….but if Mark Z gets his way with his Tony Stark-like project, that will change. It’s a solar powered drone that will deliver internet to the 4 billion folks who don’t yet have it, and therefore sadly can’t make the world a better place by leaving smiley faces on strangers’ intimate sharing of their lives! Shocking! So why would FB take on the massive challenge do this? Simple economics: where there’s internet, money can be made. I’m still not holding my breath for internet in my back yard, though.

4.🤖 The robots are coming.

They don’t take sick days, gossip (at least not in our language), ask for raises or try to sue the company. Hell, they don’t even take a paycheque. They do need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle. Oh, and your job too.

And it’s about damn time. I’ve been waiting for cool, really real human-like robots since the ’80’s! Search “robots” on Youtube and you’ll see how far tech has advanced, these companies toiling away building incredible dog and human-like things that can make backward flips, carry boxes, do John Wayne impressions, et cetera. The applications are literally endless. And of course, Tesla, Google, and others are hell bent on self-driving trucks and cars…it will happen, and soon. With the amount of bad drivers out there, it can’t happen soon enough for me!

 5. 🏪 The shop never closes.

Ever wonder why the rich get richer, yet the poor are getting poorer? It’s because the wealthy have businesses and investments that make money 24/7, whether they are there or not. They are leveraging the internet, and people. And you can get in on that too. You can only work at a job so many hours in a day, and then there’s vultures waiting in the wings to take their share: inflation, bills, mortgage, and the worst of them all…

6.💸 Tax man cometh, tax man taketh.

Having a job puts you at a mammoth tax disadvantage…do you know how many months of the year you spend working for that greedy taxorcist? Statistically around 6 months per year. In other words, from January ’til June, you’re working not for yourself or your family, but for that monster.

Hurts, doesn’t it? I know, I know…thinking about how to navigate our massively complicated tax system is like pulling limbs off. Granted I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if perhaps that’s why it’s complicated. But there is help out there, lots of it free. Either way, it’s worth it. Channel that pain into making change, amigos…it’s costing all of us big time.

The wealthy know how to reduce tax. They know it’s not how much you MAKE, it’s how much you KEEP. Even a typical doctor’s income sounds great, until you find out how brutally they are often taxed. Tony Robbins’ book “Money: Master The Game” will provide boatloads of insight about tax, money, and investing, as will Robert Kiyosaki’s work.

7. 💤 Mid-day naps.

‘Nuff said.

8. 🧠 You’ll learn new, relevant things.

8 months ago, I was asked to “CC” in an email, I was embarrassed ’cause I didn’t know what that meant…(carbon copy) I had to ask Christy! Now here I am creating and writing on our blog. The sooner you learn how the internet, and social media works and get involved with it, the better off you’ll be.

I know a frightening amount of people with both feet planted firmly in the past, I was one for most of my 40 years…these people will get bowled over and washed away by the technological waves of change, as has happened time and again throughout history. Even to massive, once-dominating companies like Kodak. And this wave is 100 feet high.  You can grab a surfboard and learn to ride that wave, it’s a blast and will take you to the next level in life. Perhaps that’s where to term “surfing the ‘net” came from.

Learning is growing, and growing is healthy and feels great…as my hero Tony Robbins put it, “You’re either growing or dying…there’s no in between”. Here’s another million-dollar quote from one of my fave Buffetts, Warren: “the more you learn, the more you earn”. My other favorite Buffett would of course be Jimmy!

9. You’ll meet like-minded people.

As an introverted couple, we don’t do bars or sporting events, and tend to stay away from those typical extrovert-human social things.  But we still crave connections, we humans are hard-wired for them. And btw, we don’t hide behind that label, we are simply aware of our tendencies and live accordingly. We get centred with peace and quiet, more than crowds and noise, but of course there’s exceptions.

Enter online business. We have made incredible friendships with like-minded people in a short time, with more to come no doubt. This reason alone makes it so worth it for us. It was an unexpected perk, but a huge one!

So that’s our take as online business owners and mentors. If you’re interested in learning more, you can click this link and sign up for one of our live, free workshops that explains how our system works and how you can get involved.

Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to message us (scroll down for that).

Fortune favours the bold,

Jeff & Christy Rallison








10 hot ‘n sweaty travel tips about Vegas!

As online business owners, we now have the good fortune to be able to travel lots, which is a passion of ours. This section is about sharing our experience, hoping it’s helpful for you! I make no claim of being a Vegas or travel expert, just an average Joe sharing my honest opinion, having been there 4 times.

1.It’s scary expensive. If you’re Canadian or from any other country where your dollar is at a disadvantage to the USD, and thinking of going, keep this in mind:  With our dollar in the tank (as of July 2018), it’s like a 30-ish% tax on everything you buy when you travel down there.

Once we were back home and saw our CC statement, we had to laugh…two 28 ounce Margaritas at the Bellagio pool, with tip, converted to our dollar- $100. Oh but they came in souvenir cups! hahahaha, sob, moan. 😱

Bellagio Margerita
Good, but not $50 good. Silly me!

This is NOT a destination that you can enjoy on a tight budget, so be prepared! Sure you can walk and see the hotels, but honestly they mostly are the same crap, different pile – stuffed with gambling machines, etc. Although the Luxor is architecturally amazing.

Vegas Winning Ticket
We had time to kill waiting for a restaurant, so we put $10 in a machine and cashed out with $50!

2. Cruise the strip. Ask the cabbie to take you down the strip, from airport to hotel…otherwise they’ll take you via the tunnel. And ask before you get in the cab, they may not love the idea. After seeing movies like Vegas Vacation, you’ll be disappointed you didn’t see it for the first time this way…just don’t get caught in the sunroof!

3. Clouds, clouds, go away. Second hand smoke is EVERYWHERE. We find that expectation is everything when travelling, and if you aren’t aware of this fact and are sensitive to it like us, it could be a ‘drag’.

4. People watcher’s paradise. Oh yes, you’ll see it all…and that’s not even counting the Fairmont Street. You may want mirrored shades at all times, so people don’t see you stare, lol! You just can’t help it!

Las Vegas
It’s a gulch all right!

5. It’s hotter than Satan’s toaster oven in the summer. If your thighs rub together when you walk, you’re going to want to lube them puppies up, or you’ll get a rash. Especially on the street, all that pavement makes it close to unbearable almost 24 hours/day, at least in June. Goes without saying, but check your weather app before you go. I LOVE heat but 40 plus degrees Celcius is too much, at least being away from an ocean, such as the case at Vegas obviously.

Las Vegas
I didn’t think it could be this hot in North America at night!!

Ironically, you may want to bring warmer clothes if you get cold easy, because of the necessary, blaring AC everywhere! The pool water at the Bellagio must be somehow cooled, because it stays perfect at those temps. On the other hand, don’t assume it’s always warm there…I’ve been there in April and it stayed plus 1 or 2 the whole damn week!

6. It’s not an introvert’s kind of travel destination. I know, shocking, right? I’m in no way criticizing Vegas for this, that’s it’s “thing”…but it’s loud and busy pretty much everywhere except (sometimes) the hotel room. We lucked out and got the 21st floor, it was surprisingly quiet, other than our next door neighbours coming back drunk and in a raging fight at 1 am the one night, me thinks due to gambling by the sound of it (another shocker!)

Las Vegas
The Bellagio Lobby area.

The constant sound of the machines binging away is enough to make an introvert start eating wallpaper after awhile. We spent a lot of time in the room, which was actually great – living the laptop lifestyle, we brought them and did some “work” during the hottest parts of the day. The power curtains are a suprising, funky touch!

7. Gambler’s paradise, but more than just that. Vegas truly offers world-class shows. Cirque de Soleil is a no brainer, they are pure class (buy tickets online before you leave, ideally – they DO sell out) and Penn & Teller was good too. The biggest stars come here regularly, even have contract gigs here for years at a time. This time we just hung at the fabulous pool area pretty much all day, we never had trouble finding chairs, even in the shade if you go out and save chairs before 10 am.

Speaking of that, here’s a juicy lil’ tip – don’t just leave the hotel towels…leave a shirt, hat, bring personal towels, anything else personal. No, not your iphone 10, unless you have nothing else on you. Haha. We love our Canadian flag towels which we always bring when we travel, they make your chairs easy to find too!

We saw in a couple occasions the staff remove hotel towels on saved chairs for guests who needed them, after hours had gone by and the people were no-shows. And rightly so. Saving chairs for 4 hours is a dick move, bro.

Las Vegas
Gorgeous pool area of the Bellagio!

8. The food is pricey, but WOW. One caveat to that: we were underwhelmed by the often-talked-up buffets. We hit The Buffet in the Bellagio this time, but the $100 bill for a couple light weight Vegans just wasn’t worth it for us. The Cafe, however, was fantastic, and reasonably quiet. Guy Fieri’s (does anyone else think that furry little dude resembles the gopher from Caddyshack??) was overpriced, poorly serviced, and the food was… ‘meh’.

9. The Fountains of Bellagio.  An astoundingly expensive feat to build and operate.  It’s a rare, free exception to the costly-ness of Vegas, and a highlight.

Las Vegas, Bellagio Fountains
8 acre lake, 1200 nozzles, 4,500 lights, cost $40 million to build!

10. You can drink on the street! That alone almost makes it worth going. Speaking of the street, getting around during the busy times is a pain in the ass no matter how you do it – walking, driving, or bus. The “Deuce” public transit bus is cheap, at least, but on a former trip there we used it to go see all the major stuff, and it felt like you spent half your vacation riding a bus. It’s slow, traffic is crazy heavy at times.

Final analysis: I think the Bellagio is a fabulous hotel…the shining star of this trip. We were fortunate to get a room there considering how busy Vegas was. Now that Christy has experienced it, we won’t be back,  for the simple reason that we know our style and want more introvert-friendly, low key trips…so if you’re like us, you may be wise to pick a hotel you’ll be happy hanging around at most of the time – to escape the crazyness.

It’s so important to know what you like when you travel. Of course, the only way to know that is to travel, so don’t just take our word on it! We are still learning too! I do believe everyone should see Vegas once, a diamond in the desert.

Fortune favours the bold,

Jeff Rallison